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An Interview with Author/ Essayist/ Poet Dr. Santosh Bakaya

A long-awaited interview of mine with Author, poet, academician and recipient of the international Reuel Prize 2014 in literature, Dr. Santosh Bakaya, published in ‘Cafe Dissensus Everyday’. Dr. Bakaya is the author of the recently published collection of essays ‘Flights From My Terrace’ and her political biography of Mahatma Gandhi, ‘The Ballad of Bapu’, published by Vitasta Publishing is to be launched very soon. Thanks a lot for your time and for your candid, heart-to-heart answers to my questions, Dr. Bakaya!

Read the full interview here:

An Interview with Author, Dr. Santosh Bakaya

Interviewing Dr. Santosh Bakaya, Author of Where Are The Lilacs, a collection of poems on restoring peace and harmony.Published in Jaggery: A Desilit Arts and Literature journal.

“I am a die-hard romantic, unabashedly indulging in childhood memories”, says Dr. Santosh Bakaya, Poet, Author of ‘Where Are The Lilacs?’


In Conversation with Ramakanta Das on His Poetry Collection ‘Grass Flower’

The author and poet extraordinaire Ramakanta Das, speaks about the symbolism, the elements of mythology and the subtle Hindu philosophies represented in his poetry collection ‘Grass Flower’.

Interview with Author Usha Narayanan, Author of The Secret of God’s Son:

Interview with Usha Narayanan, Author Of ‘The Secret of God’s Son’

Interview with poet, lyricist, dialogue writer Sunayana Kachroo published in Jaggery:

“I do not think that one can plan a creative transition, it just happens..” says Sunayana Kachroo, poet, lyricist, dialogue writer

Interviewing the Master-minds Behind Silhouette I & II And Other Fiction, published in Jaggery, A Desilit Arts and Literature journal.

Interviewing the Master-minds Behind Silhouette I & II And Other Fiction

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